Why a new park?

  • Families have a place where everyone can be together in active, outdoor activities.
  • Promotes exercise and improved health
  • New, regulation soccer fields to the area
  • Location for regional baseball and softball games and tournaments (Increased tourism and outside visitors)
  • Draw visitors to our area for games and tournaments
  • Vision of a few business people and city leaders

LaSalle Rotary Park

  • 52 acres developed into “Illinois Valley’s Outdoor Playground”
  • A great place for families to enjoy the outdoors together
  • Became a major project for LaSalle Rotary Club
  • Foundation is 501(c)3 non-profit Corporation

Board Members

  • Gary Gearhart, President
  • Jim Riley, Vice-President
  • Susan Thornton, Secretary
  • Chris Vaske, Treasurer
  • Alissa Gearhart
  • Jeff Grove
  • John Steele