Why should you consider donating to build a new park?

  • Unique opportunity to create an outstanding 52 Acre park with minimal public (tax) money
  • Creates a high quality facility to be used by local children & families
  • Promotes exercise and improved health
  • New, regulation soccer fields for the area

Regional baseball and softball tournaments will bring more people to the Illinois Valley. Increased tourism and outside visitors will increase local sales tax revenue.

The Power of Multiplication

  • Every $1 given locally = $2 invested in the park
  • State/Federal Grants match every local $1 with a $1 making it a $2 investment
  • 100% return on your generosity!!!

Phase I Was a Public / Private Partnership Success

  • City of LaSalle has a $1.2+ Million park with only $400k of local government funds invested
  • Strong cooperation between labor, business, government and civic organizations

Public Donations:

  • City of LaSalle $400,000
  • State and Federal Matching Grants $400,000

Private Donations:

  • Rotary Clubs, Individuals and Businesses through the Foundation: $425,000+

There are many opportunities for you to contribute

  • Financial contribution (General purpose gift)
  • In-Kind contribution
  • Volunteer services and expertise
  • Introduce us to like minded friends and family
  • Designate a legacy gift