About the La Salle Rotary Park Foundation

Over 15 years ago, local businessmen and city officials envisioned a magnificent outdoor playground to serve the Illinois Valley. Now, with the significant contribution of Illinois Cement, their vision is becoming a reality. La Salle Rotary Park is a 52 acre multipurpose park and recreation area designed to serve all the residents of our community, adjoining the reclaimed 110 acre nature park.

The La Salle Rotary Club has taken a leading role in developing the park into what, one day, may be the largest municipal park in Illinois outside Cook County. Public and private organizations in the Illinois Valley have combined their strengths and talents to create and build an environmentally conscious design that showcases the natural beauty of North Central Illinois while providing state of the art recreational space.

The La Salle Rotary Park Foundation is a nonprofit organization accepting tax-deductible donations for park development. The Foundation is led by a board of local volunteers committed to assisting the City of La Salle with the funding for this exciting park project. Because there is no paid staff, nearly 100% of all contributions go directly to park projects. The Foundation will work with donors to devise the most appropriate gift and recognition of the donor’s generosity.

The development of this park depends upon the generosity and enthusiasm of individuals, families, civic organizations and businesses. Please contact us to learn about how you can become a part of this unique project.

Partnership Results:

  • City of LaSalle has a $1.2+ Million park with only $400k of local government funds invested
  • Hundreds of hours of volunteer help invested
  • Strong cooperation between labor, business, government and civic organizations.
  • Park development ahead of schedule